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‘New York Times’ is wrong and illogical regarding Iran nuke deal JNS April 21
Berkeley video on anti-Semitism is problematic on many different levels April 14
A definition of anti-Semitism that defends anti-Semites April 7
Support for Israel still strong, even as Democrats defect March 31
Faculty foxes guarding the campus henhouse March 24
The two Tom Friedmans March 17
The retread problem: Exhibit A March 12
Don't throw MBS under the bus March 4
Settlements Are Not the Obstacle to Peace, Just a Two-State Solution February 26
Obama retreads haven't learned lessons February 23
Iran nuclear deal must be a treaty February 16
For Obama, Israel was 'No Promised Land' February 2
The Palestinian refugee hoax January 26
BDS Continues to Fizzle Ou January 14
Biden should keep Trump anti-Semitism envoy January 11
Insane Advice For Biden January 3
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Can Iran Be Stopped? theAlgemeiner December 11
Stopping Iran from getting nukes requires military force - here's what Biden can do Fox News December 11
Those prickly Jews … JNS December 2
U.S. Universities Lap Up Donations from Radical Palestinians American Spectator November 28
Universities Compromise Values for Arab Money theAlgemeiner November 26
A Middle East Policy Guide for President-Elect Biden theAlgemeiner November 20
Myths and Facts About Biden for His Critics theAlgemeiner November 13
An Arabist Admits Mistakes - and Makes More theAlgemeiner November 4
Why Can't Universities Define Antisemitism? theAlgemeiner October 28
Who First Said Anti-Zionism Isn't Antisemitism? theAlgemeiner October 8
The Arab League Boycott Remains in Force theAlgemeiner October 2
Trump And The Big Lie Times of Israel October 2
Kerry Personifies the History of State Department Failures in the Middle East theAlgemeiner September 23
How Low Can Universities Go? theAlgemeiner September 18
Harvard Reaches a New Low theAlgemeiner September 10
The Campus in Historical Context theAlgemeiner September 2
Whither the BDS Movement? theAlgemeiner August 26
Carter, Trump, and Peacemaking theAlgemeiner August 19
Comparing Biden and Trump on Iran theAlgemeiner August 13
Is the Democratic Platform Anti-Israel? Not as Republicans Would Have You Believe theAlgemeiner August 6
Putin Has Outplayed Trump - and the US and Israel Have Suffered theAlgemeiner July 29
What to Expect From 'Palestine' theAlgemeiner July 23
Israel Should Implement Trump Plan Now theAlgemeiner July 16
Jews Cannot Stay Silent Amid American Bigotry theAlgemeiner July 8
Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 57: A Traitor! Times of Israel July 7
Why do Americans think Israelis are stupid? Jerusalem Post July 5
Israelis Must Make Decisions for Israel theAlgemeiner July 1
It's time for Harvard to reckon with its anti-Semitic legacy Forward June 29
Bolton's Book Reveals Alarming News About Trump - Including in the Middle East theAlgemeiner June 25
Hatred of Israel Is Stronger than Coronavirus - and Will Seek to Exploit Floyd Protests theAlgemeiner June 11
Forgotten Israeli Hostages Times of Israel June 5
Who Will Tell President Trump That His Place Is With the Victims of Racism? theAlgemeiner June 4
Is There a Campus Antisemitism Pandemic? theAlgemeiner May 28
Miseducation on Israel theAlgemeiner May 21
World Health Organization lies about Israel on coronavirus and other health issues Fox News May 2
Good News, Bad News in Latest Poll on Israel theAlgemeiner April 29
J Street's Twisted Passover Haggadah theAlgemeiner April 23
Comedians Understand the Middle East Better Than Experts theAlgemeiner April 17
You Might Be an Antisemite If… theAlgemeiner April 2
Palestinians Don't Honor or Respect Human Rights theAlgemeiner March 26
The 'No Jewish State' Solution theAlgemeiner March 20
Jewish Voters and the Criteria for a Pro-Israel President theAlgemeiner March 12
AIPAC Confounds the Critics theAlgemeiner March 4
Olmert's Joke: Abbas Is a Man of Peace theAlgemeiner February 24
Remembering the Failure of the Arab League Blacklist theAlgemeiner February 18
Will Jews Sit Out the Election? theAlgemeiner February 13
Time For Two-Staters to Get Real Times of Israel February 5
Trump's Impossibly Pragmatic Peace Plan theAlgemeiner February 2
Will Trump's Peace Plan Matter? theAlgemeiner January 28
Mideast History Does Not Begin When Journalists Arrive theAlgemeiner January 21
For BDS Supporters, Stupid Is as Stupid Does theAlgemeiner January 7
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No Peace for Jews Times of Israel December 28
Losing the Semantic War on ‘Palestine’ theAlgemeiner December 5
How to Understand the US Failure in the Middle East theAlgemeiner December 1
US Recognizes Settlement Truth theAlgemeiner November 20
Joe Biden: Then and Now Times of Israel November14
2020: Trump, Clinton, Obama 2.0, or Worse theAlgemeiner November 7
Milestones in Israeli History (1991-Present) Times of Israel October 29
Newly Declassified Documents on the CIA, the Partition of Palestine, and the Creation of Israel theAlgemeiner October 24
Would UMinn Host a KKK Conference? theAlgemeiner October 18
After Trump’s Syria Betrayal, Can Jews or Anyone Really Trust Him? theAlgemeiner October 11
In Whitewashing Islamism, Some K-12 Programs Advance Jihad Daily Wire Sept 30
The Answer to Iranian Aggression? Appeasement theAlgemeiner Sept. 25
Ten Milestones in Israeli History (1948-1990) Times of Israel Sept 12
Focus on White Supremacists Should Not Obscure Threat of Islamism theAlgemeiner Aug 28
J Street’s Alternative Universe Tour theAlgemeiner Aug 22
Who Is Afraid of Israel Advocacy? eJewishPhilanthropy Aug. 12
Decades After the Holocaust, We Still Live in the Twilight Zone  theAlgemeiner July 31
An Israeli Liberal Says That Palestinians Killed Oslo and the Hope for Peace theAlgemeiner July 24
The Iran Deal Hoax  theAlgemeiner July 17
A Little Good News From Campus  theAlgemeiner July 11
The Roots of the Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Lobby  theAlgemeiner July 2
Trump's Saudi Arms Sale Is About Politics and Economics, Not Security theAlgemeiner June 25
Intellectual Freedom Redefined theAlgemeiner June 19
Antisemites, Israel Critics Adopt a New Propaganda Ploy theAlgemeiner June 13
How Obama Blew the Chance for Economic Peace theAlgemeiner June 5
Another Antisemitic Trope: Jews Pushing US to War With Iran theAlgemeiner May 29
Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 55: Children Again Times of Israel May 20
The Ignorance of Antisemites theAlgemeiner May 16
The Two-State Unicorn theAlgemeiner May 10
Is The New York Times Antisemitic? theAlgemeiner April 30
American Jews Should Stay Out of Israeli Elections theAlgemeiner April 28
Jewish High School Students Face Emboldened Antisemites theAlgemeiner April 11
The Truth About Those Pro-Israel 'Benjamins' theAlgemeiner April 5
Misreading Polls on Israel - Again theAlgemeiner March 27
US Should Recognize Israel's Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights theAlgemeiner March 15
Profiles in Cowardice Times of Israel March 7
Teflon Antisemites  theAlgemeiner March 7
The Palestinian Fan Club  theAlgemeiner February 28
Israel’s Right-Wing One-State Solution Won’t Work — But Neither Will the Left Wing Two-State Solution  theAlgemeiner February 20
Israel’s Changing Demographics and the Future Times of Israel February 15
Waiting Out Trump? theAlgemeiner February 7
Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 54: Hodel and Sarah Times of Israel February 3
Antisemitic, Racist, and Anti-Israel: Jewish Voice for Peace Hits the Trifecta theAlgemeiner January 31
Many Progressives Care About ‘Palestine’ — Not Palestinians theAlgemeiner January 23
Trump Should Endorse the Bush-Sharon Letter theAlgemeiner January 15
The New York Times Trashes Israel Yet Again theAlgemeiner January 7
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Not All Parents Love Their Children Equally theAlgemeiner December 11
The Deep State is No Myth Times of Israel November 28
Ending University Tolerance of Antisemitism theAlgemeiner November 13
Jewish Liberalism, FDR and the Holocaust Times of Israel November 10
UCLA Shamefully Condones Students for Justice in Palestine theAlgemeiner November 7
Eighty Years After Kristallnacht, the Murder of Jews Continues theAlgemeiner November 1
No one with an opposing view was asked to participate American Spectator October 31
Why Nothing Will Change on Saudi Arabia theAlgemeiner October 25
Tevye in Palestine: My Family Thrives Times of Israel October 23
After Khashoggi, Will US Continue Faustian Bargain with the Saudis? theAlgemeiner October 18
Shattering Palestinian Refugee Myths Times of Israel October 3
George Marshall Foresaw Holocaust Deniers After Liberating the First Camp theAlgemeiner September 27
The Palestinian Victimhood Narrative No Longer Sells theAlgemeiner September 14
Oslo at 25: What Might Have Been theAlgemeiner September 5
Should Gaza Be The Palestinian State? theAlgemeiner August 28
What Did Allies Know about Camps in 1942? A Lot Times of Israel August 23
Hamas Anniversary Is A Reminder Of Their Agenda theAlgemeiner August 15
What’s Really Behind Israel’s Nation State Law? Times of Israel August 9
Don’t Believe the Hysterics on Canceling the Iran Nuclear Deal theAlgemeiner July 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine: The Tractor Times of Israel July 18
When Will IfNotNow Get Its Facts Right? theAlgemeiner July 12
How UC Berkeley Went From Anti-Israel Bastion to Israel Studies Powerhouse theAlgemeiner July 4
An Eye-Opening Trip Through Samaria theAlgemeiner June 17
JFK and the US Defense of Israel theAlgemeiner June 13
Tolerating the Intolerant at Berkeley Times of Israel June 1
U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Enhanced Peace Times of Israel May 18
An American Teen’s Warsaw Ghetto Diary Times of Israel May 14
Why Iran Believes Time Is on Its Side theAlgemeiner May 11
Germany’s Refusal to Attack Syria Shows Moral Failure theAlgemeiner May 2
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 51: Devorah Saves the World Times of Israel April 30
The Myth of BDS Success Times of Israel April 27
How U.S.-Israel Policy Evolved Over 70 Years Times of Israel April 19
Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Is a Sham theAlgemeiner April 10
The US Is Now Supporting Israel in Both Word and Deed theAlgemeiner April 4
Students Supporting Israel (SSI) Give Students National Voice Times of Israel March 25
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 50: Hodel Becomes A Legend Times of Israel March 23
US Support for Israel Is at a Record High theAlgemeiner March 22
The BDS Playbook Times of Israel March 15
The Abbas Mythology theAlgemeiner March 8
President Trump, tell terror-supporting Qatar it can kiss our US air base good-bye March 6
The Palestinians and Their Allies Should Know the Truth About the Nazis theAlgemeiner February 28
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 49: Motel & Tzeitl Times of Israel February 26
American Jews and the International Arena (April 2016-April 2017): US-Israel Relations and Obama’s Mixed Legacy Followed by the Uncertainty of Trump American Jewish Year Book 2017 2017
The No State Solution Times of Israel February 8
Palestinian leaders hurt their own people by giving Pence the cold shoulder and supporting anti-Israel boycott January 25
Will the State Department Sabotage Trump’s Israel Policy? theAlgemeiner January 24
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine, Excerpt 48: My Prayers Are Answered Times of Israel January 22
Will Palestinians Protect Freedom of Religion and Holy Places in Jerusalem? theAlgemeiner January 10
Middle East Studies Association (as Usual) Singles Out Israel for Attack, Excuses Palestinian Perfidy theAlgemeiner January 3
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Middle East Studies Association Panel Reserves Outrage Only for Israel theAlgemeiner December 21
Why Can’t American Students Show Common Sense on Antisemitism? theAlgemeiner December 20
Newsflash: World Doesn’t End After Trump Recognizes Jerusalem Times of Israel December 12
Recognizing Jerusalem Is the First Step Toward Peace theAlgemeiner December 8
The Jewish World is United Against BDS Times of Israel November 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 47: Tevye Gets A New Job Times of Israel November 17
Kristallnacht: When America Failed the Jews theAlgemeiner November 9
Taxpayer-Funded Bias on Middle East Invades K-12 Classrooms theAlgemeiner November 8
We Knew, But Failed to Stop the Holocaust Times of Israel November 7
Will Jews Lose Their Online Library? eJewish Philanthropy October 30
When the Jewish Left Had Integrity theAlgemeiner October 19
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 46: The Sapling Times of Israel October 17
San Diego museum ignores honoree's use of Jewish slave labor San Diego Union-Tribune October 12
Germans Know Antisemitism When They See It theAlgemeiner October 10
Despite Flaws, Stanford Study of Jewish Students Gets It Mostly Right theAlgemeiner October 4
The More Things Change…The South Africa Calumny Times of Israel September 26
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 45: Tevye’s Beautiful Daughters Times of Israel September 25
Do Advocates for Palestinians Listen to Palestinians? Times of Israel September 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 44: Mechanical Beasts Times of Israel September 19
Time for a New Hasbara Strategy Times of Israel September 11
Are Democrats Abandoning Israel? theAlgemeiner September 6
Is The Forward’s College Guide Misguided? theAlgemeiner August 10
The More Things Change…Textbook Bias Times of Israel August 3
The More Things Change…Relations with Minorities Times of Israel July 31
The Epic Failure of the BDS Cultural Boycott Times of Israel July 24
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 43: Guard Duty Times of Israel July 19
The More Things Change… Times of Israel July 18
Trump’s important message on radical Islam Times of Israel July 11
The Remarkable Change In India-Israel Relations Times of Israel July 6
Arabists Never Fade Away Times of Israel June 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 42: Hodel and Tzeitel Come Home Times of Israel June 19
Israeli Americans as game changers Times of Israel June 13
Jewish Students Need to Learn to Protest Times of Israel June 2
The secret to creating pro-Israel youth is spelled AEPi Times of Israel May 26
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 41: Devorah’s Secret Mission Times of Israel May 24
What Donald Trump Should Say in Israel Times of Israel May 20
A New Hamas Charter, Same Hamas Ideology Times of Israel May 8
American Jewish History Month is Good, An Israel Calendar is Better eJewish Philanthropy May 5
The “Occupation” Tour Times of Israel May 2
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 40: A Call to Arms Times of Israel April 26
Have Nazis Overrun the Campuses? Times of Israel April 25
AIPAC Is the Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Lobby Times of Israel March 30
Why Don’t Supporters of Palestinians Care About PA Abuses? Times of Israel March 24
Where’s the Concern for Muslims Killed by Muslims? theAlgemeiner March 3
American Universities Can Learn From the UK Times of Israel February 24
Why do anti-Semites get to define anti-Semitism? Times of Israel February 16
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 39: The War Begins Times of Israel February 15
The US Actions Inspire Jihadis Myth Times of Israel February 8
Yale Professor Andrew March: Legal Protections For Advocates Of Terror Daily Caller February 7
Want to Help Your University and Israel? Donate Israel Bonds Times of Israel February 2
There Was Never a Two-State Solution, It’s Time to Move On Times of Israel January 18
Will Trump Bow to Arab Intimidation on Jerusalem? Times of Israel January 13
Time to Bless US-Israel Academic Cooperation Jerusalem Post January 1
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The Good News You Don’t Hear From Campus Times of Israel Dec. 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 37: A Storm is Coming Times of Israel Dec. 19
Kerry’s Last Rant Before Heading to Oblivion Times of Israel Dec. 8
Perverting the History of Partition Jerusalem Post Nov. 30
Facts vs. Hysteria: What Studies Tell Us About Campus Anti-Semitism Times of Israel Nov. 30
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 36: The Peaceful Life Times of Israel Nov. 15
Jews Shockingly Abandoned Clinton Times of Israel Nov. 10
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign Jerusalem Post Nov. 3
Where in the World was President Obama? Times of Israel Oct. 26
Peter Beinart Adds Ignorance of Islam to His Resume Times of Israel Oct. 18
Exposing Israel’s Campus Detractors As Anti-Semites Jerusalem Post

Oct. 8
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 35: Preparing for War Times of Israel Oct. 5
Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama (review) Middle East Quarterly Fall
The 88 Percent Solution Times of Israel Sept 28
Obama Learned Nothing On His Summer Vacation Times of Israel Sept 22
Obama-ism Will Disappear with Obama Times of Israel Sept 7
If You Build Israel Studies, They Will Come Jerusalem Post Sept 1
2016 Election Presents Jews with Hobson’s Choice algemeiner Aug 31
Nine Criteria for a “Pro-Israel” President Times of Israel Aug 23
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine, Excerpt 34: Tevye’s Lost Daughter Times of Israel Aug 15
#BDSFail on Campus Part 2 Jerusalem Post July 28
#BDSFail on Campus Part 1 Jerusalem Post July 17
ISIS is a Symptom, Not the Problem Times of Israel July 16
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 33: The Letter Times of Israel July 13
Still Looking for Israel at Harvard Jerusalem Post July 1
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics Jerusalem Post June 15
Clinton’s Foreign Policy Paradox Times of Israel June 6
The Donald and the Jews Times of Israel June 2
Hillary, Donald and the Jews: First Look Times of Israel May 27
American Victims of Palestinian Terrorists Await Justice Jerusalem Post May 18
Best TV/Movie Presidents BuzzFeed May 16
Are Young Jews Turning Off to Israel? Jerusalem Post May 13
The Insidious Relationship Between Faculty and BDS Jerusalem Post May 3
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine, Excerpt 32: The Socialist Arrives Times of Israel May 2
Another Response to BDS: Israeli and U.S. Law Students Simulating Business Negotiations Jerusalem Post May 1
Obama’s Bibi Obsession Times of Israel April 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 31: Waiting for a Sign Times of Israel April 18
How About a Little Good Campus News? Jerusalem Post March 29
AIPAC Answers Concern About Young Jews’ Commitment to Israel Jerusalem Post March 29
AIPAC Shatters Myth of Not Representing American Jews Times of Israel March 24
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 30: The Blessing of Children Times of Israel March 9
Anti-Israel Students Abandoning Moderation Jerusalem Post February 21
Academic Foxes Guarding the Henhouse Jerusalem Post February 11
The McCarthy Paradox Jerusalem Post February 3
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 29: From Names to Numbers Times of Israel January 27
Jewish Students Need Confidence to Feel Safe Jerusalem Post January 22
Prostrate Before Iran Times of Israel January 21
If You Want to Change the Campus Culture, Look to the Faculty Jerusalem Post January 14
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 28: Devorah, Is That You? Times of Israel January 6
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For Obama, Radical Islam is as unreal as Santa Claus Times of Israel December 10
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 27: War on the Horizon Times of Israel December 7
Should Your Child Go To A College Whose Faculty Supports The Anti-Semitic Boycott Against Israel? Jerusalem Post November 30
Focus on ISIS Misses the Bigger Threat Times of Israel November 17
Remembering Our Failure to Act After Kristallnacht
Times of Israel November 9
Want an Intifada? Be Careful What You Wish For Times of Israel November 2
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 26: Things Are Not Always What They Seem Times of Israel October 26
Faculty and BDS Jerusalem Post October 26
Looking for Israel at Harvard Jerusalem Post October 16
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 25: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Times of Israel October 16
BDS Money Trail Suggests Opaque Funding Network New York Jewish Week October 14

If Israelis Talked about the U.S. the Way Americans Talk about Israel

Times of Israel October 7
Explaining the Iran vote and the next steps Times of Israel September 8
The Anti-Semitic BDS Campaigns on Campus: What is Their Impact? Jerusalem Post August 25
The BDS movement’s failure to derail Israel’s international relations or economy Jerusalem Post August 12
Tip-Toeing Around Obama Times of Israel August 10
Will Congress Repeat the Mistake of 1939? Times of Israel August 4
The Key to the Iran Agreement: Western vs. Iranian Perspectives on Time Times of Israel July 29
Universities Need to Be Held Accountable Jerusalem Post July 1
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 23: Our Daughter Returns to the King of Kings Times of Israel June 19
American Jewry’s Greatest Test Times of Israel June 16
When imitation isn’t flattery Jerusalem Post May 27
Israel Closer to the Arabs than the West? Times of Israel May 20
The Unraveling of One of America’s Principal Middle East Interests Times of Israel May 6
Me, an Anti-Semite? Jerusalem Post April 22
The Iran Bill to Nowhere Times of Israel April 21
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 21: Interpreting Dreams Times of Israel April 14
When is an Existential Threat Existential? Times of Israel April 14
Time for a Campus Reality Check — Part 2 Jerusalem Post April 6
Time for a Campus Reality Check — Part 1 Jerusalem Post April 1
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 20: A Rich Husband At Last Times of Israel March 16
Anti-Semites Get a Free Pass on Campus Jerusalem Post March 13
Americans Stand with Israel Despite Obama-Netanyahu Tensions Times of Israel March 10
Sense and Nonsense about the Netanyahu Speech Times of Israel February 19
Who Are the “Real” Muslims? Times of Israel February 11
What can students do to help Israel? Jerusalem Post February 5

After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 19: There Will Be War

Times of Israel January 26
The abuse of academic freedom Jerusalem Post January 26
Time to Fight the Holy Warriors Times of Israel January 21
Jewish students need more grit Jerusalem Post January 12
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 18: Tevye Takes A Drive Times of Israel January 8
Palestinian Imam Lays Out Islamist Agenda Times of Israel January 5
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After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 17: Marrying A Rich Man

Times of Israel November 21
The Global Jihad Against Jews Times of Israel November 10

Myths and Facts About American Campuses #4 Faculty play no role in promoting Israel denial on campus

Jerusalem Post November 5
Abbas Has Put Bibi Under Obama’s Thumb Times of Israel October 28
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 16: The Proposal Times of Israel October 17

Myths and Facts About American Campuses: #3 College students care about Middle East issues

Jerusalem Post October 15
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 15: Tradition Versus Socialism Times of Israel October 2
Myths and Facts About American Campuses: #2 College campuses have become unsafe for Jews Times of Israel October 1
Wake-Up Europe: Radical Islam is Coming for You inFocus Quarterly Fall
Ike Was Pro-Israel: Here’s Why Times of Israel September 9

The Shot That Killed the Two-State Solution

Huffington Post August 20
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 14: The Naiveté of the Young Times of Israel September 9
Who Will Stand Up to the Jihadists? Times of Israel September 4
The peculiar case of liberals criticizing Israel Jerusalem Post September 3
It’s A Religious War in Gaza Times of Israel August 13
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 13: Shoshana and Chaim Times of Israel August 7
Making Sport of the War in Gaza Times of Israel July 15
The view from Claremont Jerusalem Post July 7
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 10: Tevye Meets the Sheikh Times of Israel June 10
Israel Deniers Times of Israel May 21
Why BDS Can't Win Jerusalem Post May 27
After Anatevka - Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 9: Tevye the Rabbi Times of Israel May 19
The World Thirsts for Knowledge about Jews and Israelis Times of Israel May 1
Defining 'Pro-Israel' Is Not Rocket Science Huffington Post April 24

After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 8: The Apple Orchard

Times of Israel April 19
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 7: Meet the Kibbutzniks Times of Israel April 3
The Intangible Impact of Faculty Jerusalem Post March 31
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 6: The Chaverim Have Their Say Times of Israel March 11
Call It What It Is: Hate Week Jerusalem Post February 26
After Anatekva - Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 5: The Committee Times of Israel January 7
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Israeli Professors On Teaching in America Jerusalem Post December 9
After Anatekva - Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 4: Arrival on the Kibbutz Times of Israel December 3
Learning the Lessons of Kristallnacht Times of Israel November 20
After Anatekva - Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 3: Tevye Finds His Place Times of Israel November 4
After Anatekva Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 2 - Palestine is not Russia Times of Israel October 21
After Anatevka — Tevye in Palestine Excerpt 11: Tevye Makes a Bargain
Times of Israel September 27
After Anatekva - Tevye Goes to Palestine Excerpt 1 Times of Israel September 27
Campus Racists Again Fail to Turn Students Against Israel (Part 1) Jerusalem Post

American Attitudes Toward Israel

Huffington Post April 25
Obama's Israel Trip: Did it Help? Times of Israel March 23
Obama’s Israel Trip Off On Wrong Foot Times of Israel March 18
The Muslim/Arab View of Campus Jerusalem Post March 11
The Best Job in the World Times of Israel March 5
Did Jews Learn the Lesson of the 2012 Election? Jerusalem Post February 26
Let’s Protest the Real Apartheid State Huffington Post February 21
Who Really Cares About the Palestinians? Times of Israel February 19
Which campuses are problematic? Jerusalem Post February 5
Learning from experience Jerusalem Post January 3
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Spinning polls on Obama’s Jewish support Jerusalem Post April 9
Time to Banish the “A-Word” Jerusalem Post March 25
Israel must be part of pre-collegiate education Jerusalem Post March 14
Iran, Israel and the United States -- what history tells us March 12
Uneven exchange with Saudis Florida Jewish Journal February 29
Idealist Zionism Jerusalem Post February 28
Young Jews are Pro-Israel Jerusalem Post January 17
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Jews turn on Obama Jewish Journal August 5
Time for an 'International Israel Calendar' Jerusalem Post July 21
Scenarios for Egypt's Future -- The Good, the Bad and Ugly April 4
Why Doesn't Obama Call for Democracy In Saudi Arabia? March 10
Will Obama's Support for Democracy Extend Beyond Egypt? February 8
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The Arab Lobby: The American Component Middle East Quarterly Fall
Preparing for blacklists, demonization and slander Jerusalem Post October 3
The academic year in review: Part 1 - The good news Jerusalem Post July 6
The Academic Year in Review: Part 2 - The Bad News Jerusalem Post June 16
A Prime Minister's Bottom Line Forward April 23
What to Make of Universities’ ‘Apartheid Week’ Philadelphia Jewish Exponent March 11
Why Sanctions Help (Not Harm) Iran Britannica January 11
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Taking it up a notch Jerusalem Post December 6
Kristallnacht anniversary reminder of real courage South Florida Sun-Sentinel November 10
Kristallnacht Still Reverberates Britannica November 9
What does ‘pro-Israel’ even mean? Jerusalem Post November 5
Have Russia and Iran Checkmated Obama? Britannica October 29
The Rule of 20 Jerusalem Post October 15
Frontpage Fueling Israeli Settlement Growth October 13
U.S.-Arab Ties Grow Stronger in Tandem with Strong U.S.-Israeli Ties Britannica September 30
The leader who said no to Obama Jewish Herald Voice August 13
Confidence Building Time Needed for Mideast Peace Britannica July 29
Abbas Has Become the Obstacle to Peace Britannica July 15
Carrots, Not Sticks, Can Stop Israel's Settlement Growth Britannica June 25
Anti-Israel activities on campus fading Jerusalem Post June 14
Did Obama Learn the Lesson of Buchenwald? Britannica June 10
Settlement freeze? OK .. but what next? JTA June 1
Netanyahu and Obama Headed for Cooperation, Not Clash Britannica May 17
Shock Peace Therapy for the Mideast Britannica April 8
A New War On Campus Jerusalem Post March 22
Israeli Restraint & Palestinian Responsibility in the Gaza War Britannica March 9
Pollard Was No Hero February 23
Palestinians Can Control Settlement Growth February 9
Ill-equipped for the Israel/Palestine controversy Jerusalem Post January 25
Who Hears the Echoes of the Past? January 23
The Meaning of Never Again January 23
The Courage to Stand Against Evil January 23
Palestinians Must Say No to Terror, Yes to Peace American Thinker January 22
The Difference Between Hamas and Israel Britannica January 6
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The Forgotten Hostage
Israeli Leaders Have Sowed Seeds of Sedition
The Perfect Mideast Peace Storm
How do we assess the situation on campus?
Shock Peace Therapy for the Mideast
Obama Should Resist Pressure to Jump Into Palestinian-Israeli Talks
Why Jews Voted for Obama
After Years of Neglect, Israel Studies Grows on Campus
The Courage to Stand Against the Nazis
When America Could Have Saved the Jews
The Meaning of Kristallnacht Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Nov. 5
Remembering Our Failure to Act After Kristallnacht
Will Jews Decide the Election?
Iran Gets Closer to the Bomb as Sanctions Fail
Pro-Israel Students Return to School Upbeat
Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present (review) Israel Studies Summer
Israel’s Revenge Britannica July 16
Israel and Hamas Buy Time Britannica June 19
Peace Between Israel and Syria: What the Latter Must Do Britannica May 29
Teaching children to hate and kill Providence Journal May 24
History is on Israel's Side Jewish Observer May 9
Israel at 60: A Thriving Democracy Britannica May 7
Treading water on Iran Britannica March 21
Israel’s ties that bind Los Angeles Times January 10
What President Bush Should Do in Israel January 3
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Abandon Abbas October 30
Egypt: America’s Welfare Client World Jewish Digest October
Best advice; Ignore McJihad and his testy road show J. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California September 27
Will Israel Return to Gaza? inFocus Fall
The Cold Truce Between Israelis and Arabs (book excerpt) Jewish Press (Brooklyn) August 8
Water or War New York Sun August 1
Will Israel Survive? Bet On It Washington Jewish Week / Jewish Voice July 26
Psychological impact of war overlooked 40 years later Jewish Observer June 29
Debating a lack of debate on Israel Jewish Standard May 11
Israel’s other enemy in Lebanon war — the media J. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California April 27
The Media's War on Israel April 24
Iraq study group goes astray on Israel Jewish Messenger Jan/Feb
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Iraq study group goes astray on Israel New Jersey Jewish Standard December 7
Carter’s Calumny December 1
Finishing off Hezbollah Washington Times July 31
What is the 'proportionate' use of force? Intermountain Jewish News July 28
Shooting the Chicago Way, and Why It Isn't for Everyone Jewish Exponent July 20
Ending the War Requires Clarity not Diplomacy July 18
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Israel’s Peace with the Arabs May 2
Anti-Israel Propaganda Masquerades as Scholarship at Harvard March 23
What Officials Really Think Of Us February 27
Will the Dike Hold Against Hamas? February 24
A Feast for the Jewish Soul Jewish Community Chronicle February
Parroting State Department Nonsense January 31
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Holocaust Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Vol. 3
Too Much Hysteria About Iran? Jewish Exponent December 8
The Pro-Israel Campus November 30
Israel’s Finest Moment Jewish Community Chronicle November 9
Last Chance for Abbas September 7
Reports From Gaza August 25
Very little compares to Holocaust horrors Omaha World-Herald August 7
Academic Freedom as a Shield for Anti-Semitism The Journal of the James Madison Institute Summer
Pro-Israel activism flourishes in heartland Phoenix Jewish News April 22
Does the Media's anti-Israel bias matter? April 8
When Does an Issue Become ‘A Jewish Issue?’ Jewish Journal March 25
Peace May Not Be the Answer March 24
Israel and the Diaspora: a Humpty-Dumpty relationship March 18
Rules for Mideast reporting guarantee news media bias Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle February 22
How to Stop Anti-Semitic Conferences on College Campuses
The Referendum Scam Jewish Observer January 28
Anti-Israel Jews helping to erode support for Israel in America Jewish Community Voice January 5
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After Arafat Nov. 12
Kerry lacked an ideology and a record of achievement j. the Jewish Weekly of Northern California Nov. 12
Jews Will Elect The President October 26
Pollard’s Legacy Fuels Spy Scandal Sept. 15
Brazilian Jewry: From Walled Cities to the Amazon Sept. 9
Israel plays ‘win-win’ while Arabs play ‘zero-sum’ Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle July 16
Reagan’s Legacy On Israel June 25
A Progress Report on the War on Campus June 20
Don’t Fear Arab “Victories” Jewish Exponent May 27
Bush Finally Puts Mideast Policy On Right Track May 11
Walleye Vision April 14
Beware the New Pharaoh April 2
Reading The Minds Of Jewish Voters New York Jewish Week February 25
Faculty Pose the Greatest Danger to Israel on Campus The Observer February 20
An Economic Solution to the Settlement Issue February 8
Peace Doesn’t Require a Plan Jewish Messenger Jan/Feb
The Real Solution for Israel The Observer January 23
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Jews Must Be Proactive When Lobbying for Peace Jewish Exponent; January. 3, 5
Understanding Palestinian Mobocracy; Jewish Messenger January.12
Israel’s Glorious Messy Democracy The Observer; January.31
Fighting and Winning the Battle on Campus Jewish Education News Winter
The time to act isn’t the day after MetroWest Jewish News Feb. 13
Israel's North Korea Problem Jerusalem Post; Jewish Community Chronicle March 2
U.S. wants Abu Mazen to succeed March 31
U.S. Troops Get Taste of Israeli Life April 11
Liars and Windbags The Observer; Jewish Community Chronicle; The Observer April 11, 13, 23
Jewish POWs In A Nazi Concentration Camp May 2
Back to School on Campus Advocacy The Forward May 30
Young Jews Need Their Spinach New York Jewish Week; Jewish Messenger May 30
Did Israel deliberately attack the USS Liberty? July 10
A Bad Rap For Truman Philadelphia Jewish Exponent; New York Jewish Week July 17, 18
Perspective Sept. 2
The Palestinians’ Lincoln Moment Oct. 8
Let Pollard Stay in Jail Sept. 23
The Palestinian Money Trail Oct. 17
The Money Pit The Review (Australia) Nov.
Why don’t Arabs try buying land from Jews? Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Nov. 7
We can stop some of the bullets Dec. 7
Peace Doesn’t Require a Plan Dec. 16
A Time For Bold Action Dec. 31
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Next Stop in War on Terror: Lebanon January.4
Palestinians are at War Avi Chai Bookshelf January.21
End Saudi Apartheid Now The Observer January.25
Germs and Other Terrors Middle East Insight Jan.-Feb.
Plays of the Day America West February
The Truth About the Palestinian Refugees - Part 3 Avi Chai Bookshelf Feb. 15
The Smearing of Jewish Diplomats The Observer; Jewish Messenger Feb. 22; April-May
Who’s Monitoring American Textbooks? Feb. 25
Time for Palestinian justice Greenwich Time Feb. 28
The Saudi Nonplan March 8
The Campus Challenge The Forward March 22
Pro-Israel students run the gauntlet Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle March 23
Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Issue Avi Chai Bookshelf March 23
Hitler’s American Victims Hadassah April 2002
A Historic Chance for Israel April 8
Israel’s Birthday Merits Celebration Avi Chai Bookshelf April 11
Israel’s History of Defying U.S. with Survival at Stake The Observer; Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle April 12
Results of Operation Defensive Shield Avi Chai Bookshelf May 2
Nice Rally, Now What? May 7
What I Learned This Semester in College May 17
An Obscene Comparison June 3
Is Israel Any Closer to Peace? Avi Chai Bookshelf June 14
American Peace Plans Never Work July 14
The Palestinians Could Have A State Avi Chai Bookshelf July 15
Playing By Hama Rules July 26
Answering the Terrorists Sept. 9
Beating the Drum for Israel Avi Chai Bookshelf Sept. 9
Answering the Terrorists The Observer Sept. 13
Questions for The Palestinians and their Supporters Oct. 4
Deconstructing Thomas L. Friedman Nov. 15
Put Saudi Arabia on the Terrorism List Dec. 6
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Will Birthright Save American Jewry? Philadelphia Jewish Exponent; Washington Jewish Week January.1
The Myth of Clinton’s Friendship January.29
Sharon Must Avoid Shamir’s Errors Feb. 12
Bush can strengthen U.S. alliance with Israel with uncontroversial and inexpensive actions Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle / Jewish News of Greater Phoenix March 2
The Poor Palestinians March 21
New Secretary, Same Old State Department Jewish Messenger April-May
Now It’s War April 5
Enhanced public relations will not bring peace Jewish News of Greater Phoenix April 27
Kerrey Incident Brings Back Echoes of Deir Yassin, Nuremberg May 4
Palestinians should learn from how Egypt dealt with Israel Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle May 25
It’s the Geography, Stupid May 31
Set A Deadline June 13
Real Zionists Face Test Jewish Times (NJ); Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle June 15
Who is with Israel? Jewish News of Greater Phoenix June 15
Ireland vs. Israel: Can’t Compare Media’s Coverage Philadelphia Jewish Exponent July 19
Learning from the State Department’s Past July 27
One-Sided Stories Avi Chai Bookshelf August
Ranting About the Middle East Aug. 10
Time Out for Some Good News About Israel Aug. 15
Outrageous notions add to conflict angst Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Aug. 17
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Stay the Course, Mr. President Sept. 7
Today All Americans Are Israelis Sept. 12
Retaliate As We Say, Not As We Do Sept. 12
Will This Really Be A War Against Terrorism? Sept. 21
It Is a Religious War Avi Chai Bookshelf Oct. 1
It’s Not Just the Taliban That Abuses Human Rights Oct. 5
Israelis Are Not Cannon Fodder; New York Jewish Week Oct. 8, 12
The Last Time Four Planes Were Hijacked in a Day Jewish Star Times Oct. 17
The Palestinian Klan Avi Chai Bookshelf Oct. 22
The Myth of ‘Peaceful’ Islam Philadelphia Jewish Exponent; Boston Jewish Advocate; Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Oct. 24 & 26, Nov. 2-8
The Terrorists Have Already Won Nov. 2
Looking at Terror in a New Light Nov. 9
Review Oslo’s roots before new peace initiative Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Nov. 23
The Truth About the Palestinian Refugees - Part 1 Avi Chai Bookshelf Nov. 26
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Not all sides of a story are equally just The Reporter (Binghamton) Dec. 7
The Truth About the Palestinian Refugees - Part 2 Avi Chai Bookshelf Dec. 10
Time for Palestinian justice to put Arafat in his place Jewish Star Times Dec. 19
The Truth About Deir Yassin Avi Chai Bookshelf Dec. 29
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Sidney Schwarz — Politics & Religion Lifestyles Pre-Spring
Pandering is Good Jan. 21
Trading the Golan for the Pentagon Feb. 4
More Pro-Israel Than Thou Feb. 18
Time for a U.S.-Israel Defense Treaty? Feb. 24
Israelis Do Themselves In March 17
Ever Changing Israel March 31
Strangling A Jewish Day School May 12
The Ice Curtain May 26
Helpless in Seattle June 9
Don’t Believe Anyone On Syria June 23
Barak’s “Mandate” July 7
Jews in Office Aren’t Always a Bargain Philadelphia Jewish Exponent Aug. 24
Singling Out Martin Indyk Jerusalem Post Oct. 13
Students Who Love to Play College Basketball Oct. 2
Forget Sharon, Blame Clinton for Violence Oct. 11
Who is Good for the Jews? Oct. 27
Did the Jewish Vote Cost Gore the Election? Washington Jewish Week Oct. 13
War By Another Name Nov. 10
A Conversation with Sportswriter John Feinstein America West December
Tis the Season For Jewish Giving December 8
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Who Does America Really Love? Jan. 4
POWs Held In Concentration Camps Still Seek Justice Jan. 18
Compensation Without Justice Nashville Jewish Observer Jan. 22
Governors Know the Value of Israel Near East Report Jan. 25
Jews, Ethics, And Pollard Feb. 14
Will the Mideast Peace Process Stay On Track? Feb. 18
Too Much Democracy? Feb. 28
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Egypt: The Foreign Policy of Indulgence Philadelphia Jewish Exponent March 25
Why Does the U.S. Provide Welfare to the Palestinians? March 26
What if they were Jews? Jewish Times (NJ) April 30
Clinton Tries to Stuff Israeli Ballot Box May 7
Jewish Political Naivete May 20
Kosovo and the Arab-Israeli Conflict Jewish Observer June 11
Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Case of Ancient Hatred Washington Jewish Week June 24
American Holocaust Victims Still Seek Justice July 2
The Changing of the Arab Guard Jewish Observer Aug. 6
US-Israel Relations Go Beyond Peace Process Aug. 6
U.S.-Israel Space Cooperation Takes Off Near East Report Aug. 23
Ira N. Forman: Faithful Democrat Lifestyles Fall
Building Your Web Site (reprint) Writer's Digest Fall
You're Going to Drown, Stupid Sept. 1
Time for a New U.S. Peace-Process Team Philadelphia Jewish Exponent Sept. 9
Book Review: Pius XII: Saint or Sinner? Nov. 12
Crying Wolf, or Seeing One at the Door Oct. 15
More Than a Miraculous Year Jewish Messenger Oct/Nov
Paying for Peace: Is Bribing Arafat Necessary? Philadelphia Jewish Exponent Nov. 18
Electronic Books Writer's Digest December
America Keeps Palestinians on the Welfare Dole Dec. 10
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Some Birthday Party Jan. 2
Book Publishing: The State of the Industry 1998 Writer’s Digest January
In Search of Scholarship On the Role of Congress in Middle East Affairs Middle East Insight Jan.-Feb.
The Smithsonian’s Politics Jan. 16
The Real Conspiracy Jan. 30
Putting Torah Into Politics Feb. 3
A Pointless War? Washington Jewish Week Feb. 19
Where To Gauge U.S.-Israel Relations March 2
Learning From Israeli Educators March 3
An Apologist for the Allies Intellectual Capital March 5
Jewish Republicans Fight For Legitimacy March 9
A Sober Assessment of the Iraqi Threat March 13
Israel at 50 March 26
At Last Palestinians Make Sense March 27
Trying to Explain U.S. Middle East Peace Policy Middle East Insight March-April
The Weinberg Motto: Give, Then Give Some More comm.unity Winter
Deir Yassin Revisited April 9
Deciding Israel's Fate Washington Jewish Week May 14
The Israeli Lobby Flexes Its Muscles, But to What End? May 22
The Arabs' Definition of Terror Jewish Messenger May-June
Vineyard Maven The World & I June
A Tale of Two Partitions Philadelphia Jewish Exponent June 11
Israelis Need American Civics Lesson June 19
Jews Turn Into Pit Bulls July 3
A Flawed Portrait of Yitzhak Rabin [book review] Intellectual Capital Sept. 3
Surfing the Web for Judaism Washington Jewish Week Sept. 10
Beyond The Starr Report: Clinton's Foreign Policy Sept. 11
Jews Go Surfing Seattle Jewish Transcript Sept. 18
Palestinian Independence Day Nashville Jewish Observer Oct. 2
Keep the Missile Threat in Perspective Oct. 9
Inching Toward the '67 Lines Nashville Jewish Observer Oct. 30
A Minivan to the Heart October
Surf's Up for Writers Writer’s Digest November
Hearts Grown Brutal: Sagas of Sarajevo [book review] Nov. 10
Final Road Map to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Washington Jewish Week Nov. 26
Lessons Unlearned the Hard Way Intellectual Capital Nov. 26
Building Bridges with Israel, State By State Nashville Jewish Observer Dec. 11
Wagging The Iraqi Dog Dec. 21
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Design for Giving Connecticut Magazine January
Pillow Talk USAir Magazine January
Bibi Gives Bill the Finger Jewish Messenger Feb-March
Justice for American Victims Cleveland Plain-Dealer February 4
U.S. Holocaust Victims: Last Chance For Justice San Diego Union-Tribune February 5
Man on a Mission America West March
Yes, Virginia, There Are Big-Hearted Boardrooms Baltimore Magazine March
Clinton Tests Jewish Power Philadelphia Jewish Exponent March 27
Who's spying on whom? Jewish Bulletin May 16
Is Fine Art Fools Gold? Baltimore Magazine June
How Special Is the U.S.-Israel Relationship? (w/Daniel Pipes) Middle East Quarterly June
Thank You, Yasser Philadelphia Jewish Exponent June 5
Israel, Jews Can’t Afford to Oppose Indyk Washington Jewish Week July 24
Dershowitz for the Defense of Judaism Women’s World Summer
Is the Middle East waiting for Albright? Washington Jewish Week August 21
Netanyahu, not Albright has power to negotiate peace Jewish Bulletin August 22
The Palestinian Welfare State The Weekly Standard Sept. 19
Merchants’ Macadam Mission Baltimore Magazine October
Can Art Make You Rich? Connecticut Magazine October
Albright has adopted myopic approach of James Baker Jewish Bulletin October 6
A Secret Solution to The Israeli-Palestinian Problem Intellectual Capital October 23
Toys & Tots America West December
A Passion for the Game Writer's Digest December
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CD-Rambam Moment February
Likud Discovers Reality Philadelphia Jewish Exponent / Washington Jewish Week February 8 & 15
The Custodian of Knowledge The World & I March
Sheer Stupidity Jerusalem Post March 12
It’s Time for a U.S.-Israel Defense Treaty March 18
How Textbooks Rewrite History Mosaica Digest March-April
Are Jews Blind To Modern Miracles? April 12
Deja Vu In Lebanon April 26
Profile of Neal Sher May 2
And Now, The Rest of the Story Baltimore Jewish Times May 3
Is Clinton Being A Little Too Pro-Israel? May 10
U.S. Can Benefit From Israeli Biotechnology Near East Report May 20
The Iranian Bogeyman May 24
Sitting on a Nest Egg Tel Aviv University News Spring
Foundations Can’t Replace the Government Safety Net June 4
Bibi Is A Blessing — For U.S. Jews Washington Jewish Week June 20
Journalists’ Arrogance and Ignorance June 21
David Levy: Foreign Minister Outside America July 5
Will Netanyahu Be America’s Sweetheart? July 12
Misjudging Bibi’s Visit July 19
Bob Woodward Gets to the Bottom of Things Writer’s Digest August
Bibi’s New Name August 16
Media’s Misuse of Polls Distorts Presidential Coverage August 20
Clinton & Israel Connecticut Jewish Ledger
Will the Likud... Connecticut Jewish Ledger
Earth to State Department Connecticut Jewish Ledger
Charles Krauthammer: Prize Writer Lifestyles Fall
Is Judaism Mutating? September 13
The Evolution of the U.S.-Israel Alliance September 20
Last Chance for American Victims of the Nazis to get Justice Jewish Standard / Jewish Community News September 20
Forward to the Past September 26
Did Opening Tunnel Carve Pathway to Destruction No. California Jewish Bulletin October 4
Building Real Bridges to African Americans October 11
Ominous Signs October 25
Are Jewish Programs Worth the Money? November 22
Does Israel Deserve Bad Press? December 6
Clinton II Jewish Messenger Dec/Jan
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BARD Research Has Market Potential Israel Business Today January
Learning From Israel About Educating At-Risk Youth January 6
Time for Jews to Do Some Market Research January 13
U.S.-Israel bio-tech ventures require patience Washington Jewish Week January 19
U.S. could learn something from Israeli education system Jewish Times January 26
BIRD Boosts R&D In U.S., Israel Near East Report January 30
Forgotten Victims of The Bulge March 5
Where’s the Peace Campaign? March 10
Clearly Kristol B’nai B’rith Jewish Monthly April
Waffling on Jerusalem Baltimore Jewish Times April 7
Supporters of Mideast Terror Shouldn’t Be Let Off The Hook April 24
Learning From Israel’s Approach to Caring For the Elderly Near East Report May 8
Reapportion Aid To Egypt Jerusalem Post March 1
Young nation of Israel makes seniors a priority Jewish Exponent March 3
“Vacation” With Baby May 11
CD-ROMs Make Jewish Learning Fun May 16
Time is now for embassy move Washington Jewish Week May 18
A Foreign Aid Success Story May 22
U.S. Can Benefit From Israeli Biotechnology May 23
Why US Troops Should Be Deployed on the Golan Washington Jewish Week May
Israel, Bushwacked, (review of Moshe Arens book) Moment June
AIPAC: The Image of Power Jewish Messenger June
Review of “Behind the Wire” June 8
The New Old Germany June 16
At last, ‘The New Yorker,’ discovers the Israeli lobby Jewish Exponent June 16
A skewed view of the MidEast Washington Jewish Week June 22
Islam Vs. Democracy? Near East Report July 17
The Value of Jewish Life July 28
Jewish Intelligence Baltimore Jewish Times July 28
Americans Can Learn From Israeli Innovations In Education July 31
Rise of Jewish Cannibals Jerusalem Post September 4
Birds Challenge The Air Force August 6
Model For Mideast Peace August 11
Media Focus on “poor Palestinians” Jewish Exponent August 11
The Failure of Israel’s Deterrent September 8
Is Powell Good on Israel? Jewish Exponent / Jewish Bulletin /Washington Jewish Week October 6, 26 / Nov. 3
Using The Media For Jewish Messages October 6
The Pope Avoids Jerusalem October 20
The High-Tech Dodo November 3
Assassination: Next to Last Step in Americanization of Israel November 5
Continue the Rabin Process Washington Jewish Week November 23
Jewish Republican Fantasies December 1
Black-Jewish Ties You Don’t Hear About December 15
It’s Not The Israeli Economy, Mr. Peres December 30
America’s Warning to the Likud Jewish Messenger Dec/Jan
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How Textbooks Rewrite Jewish History Women’s World Spring
Ohio Trade Mission To Israel Achieves Success Near East Report May
The Illinois Connection Israel Business Review July
BIRD’s Joint Ventures Israel Business Review August
Israel-North Carolina Partnership Goes Far Beyond Economics Near East Report August 29
Trade with Israel: Boosting America’s Bottom Line Midstream August-September
How Textbooks Rewrite Jewish History Amit Woman September
Bio-Tech Synergy Israel Business Review October-November
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Rush-Hour Combat; The Competitive Commuter Game (with Marcela Kogan) Washington Post March 8
Holocaust Museum Gives Portrait of World Gone Awry Women’s World Spring
Poison On Campus Midstream June/July
A Realitarian Prescription for U.S. Middle East Policy Midstream August-September
The Fundamentals of the U.S.-Israel Relationship Congress Monthly September-October
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Jews And Hispanics (with Marcela Kogan) Hadassah January
Time For India To Upgrade Ties With Israel The Indian-American January 31
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Poison On Campus United Synagogue Review Spring
Guarantees For A Miracle Hadassah June/July
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American Victims of the Holocaust Present Tense / Jewish War Veteran March-April / Fall
A Californian in Exile: Coping with the East Coast UCLA Magazine Spring
The United States and the Palestinian Refugees Midstream August-September
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Israel Standing Taller Than Ever Near East Report January
Homeless In Gaza: Arab Mistreatment of Palestinian Refugees Policy Review January
Two U.S. Mideast Views Midstream January
President Bush's hostage dilemma Chicago Tribune February 28
Stability In The Arab World Midstream March-April
The Waning Threat Of Islamic Fundamentalism Midstream April
Will Egypt Abandon Peace? Congress Monthly July-August
Israel: Some Surprising Polls Commentary August
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The Unfinished Exodus of Ethiopian Jews Midstream January
The Affirmative Action Complex The Freeman February
Can Israel Withdraw? Yes Commentary April
Did My Mother Lie To Me? The New Leader April 4
The U.S. Recognition of Israel Midstream November
Palestinian Arabs At War Near East Report August 15

Throwing Stones Hasn't Helped Palestinians Much

Chicago Tribune October 19
The U.S. Recognition of Israel Midstream November
Can a Jew Be Elected President? Midstream November
The Misuse of Economic Sanctions In Foreign Policy: The Case Of The Jackson-Vanik Amendment Congress Monthly November-December
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Strategic Thoughts About SDI Public Opinion March-April
Carter Has Free Speech, But We Don't Have To Listen Chicago Tribune April 20
Left Behind Present Tense September-October
The Humanitarian Side of the Reagan Administration: The Rescue of Ethiopian Jews (with Howard Lenhoff) The Humanist November-December
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'Operation Moses' Is Not Finished

Chicago Tribune December 29

A Harvest Of Violence...The Value Of Retaliation

Chicago Tribune September 25
The Arab Lobby Midstream March
Islam vs. Jews: More Than Just Politics Ha’Am March
Exaggerating Libya`s Threat Chicago Tribune February 12
Propaganda War Philadelphia Jewish Exponent February 7
Reconservadoxy Ha’Am January
Hostility — The Only Answer? Ha’Am January
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Why Reagan Should Visit Israel Los Angeles Examiner November 27
Israel’s Standing In American Public Opinion Commentary October
The Myth of the Middle East Triangle Midstream October

What The Arabs Should Do

Chicago Tribune September 7
'Rental': Dumb and Dilapidated [Film Review] UCLA Bruin August 19
Operation Acronym UCLA Bruin August 8
Confusion Power UCLA Bruin August 1
Government Seeking Humanity: Elevator Etiquette UCLA Bruin July 29
Checkpoint #1 Ha’Am May
Carter Revisited Ha’Am April
Zo, Vat's New? Ha’Am February
Camelot Ha’Am January
The Problem of South Africa Ha’Am January
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Farrakhan Concerns Jews Ha’Am November
Reagan: Will the Teflon Last? Ha’Am November
A Last Look at the Israeli Olympic Team Ha’Am November
Suppose You Wanted Matzoh... Ha’Am October
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