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Lecture Topics

  • Prospects for Mideast Peace Under Trump
  • The Arab Lobby
  • The No State Solution
  • The Threat of BDS and the Delegitimization of Israel on Campus and Beyond
  • Is Mideast Peace Possible?
  • Islam, Terrorism and the Peace Process
  • What the New York Times Doesn't Tell You About the Middle East
  • College Campuses: The Last Bastions of Anti-Semitism in America
  • Myths & Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Media Bias: Does It Matter? What Can We Do About it?
  • Israel Advocacy 101 and 201
  • The Abandonment of Americans in Hitler’s Camps


“Hi Mitchell, I was really glad you were able to come to the Everett house and speak to the very large audiences that we had come to hear you. Your talks were very well received and I think a great deal of new information was imparted to people who really know very little about your topic. I personally was happy that you were able to put some of the campus stuff straight. One tends to hear horror stories about what's happening on campuses.”

– Edith Everett

“Many thanks for your excellent talk yesterday at our synagogue. You were insightful, relevant, clear, linear, and charismatic. Throughout the day people mentioned to me how much they appreciated your presentation.”

– Rabbi Ari Goldstein, Temple Beth Shalom

”Let me take this opportunity to formally thank you for the marvelous presentation you gave to our BZD VIP mission. Your talk was the subject of a lot of the buzz on the bus ride home, and for good reason. To be sure, people were most impressed by your encyclopedic mind, your knowledge of history, and insights into the issues confrronting Israel, day in and day out. In speaking with several within the group, I heard how they marveled at your grasp of the subject matter and the facile way with which you made even complex subjects easily understood.”

– Rabbi Michael Meyerstein


“Thank you so very much again for having taken the time to join us this fall to address the members of the Hudson New York Briefing Council. Your deep grasp of The Arab Lobby and your ability to explain it so clearly and colorfully made your presentation completely exhilarating -- one of the best ever.”

– Nina Rosenwald

I just wanted to thank you for your talk at the Synagogue yesterday, I thought you did a fantastic job. I also wanted to mention that I had a call from a fellow congregant this morning who said she was so moved by your appeal that she’s decided to buy a $25,000 bond....Our preliminary numbers for the High Holiday appeal were pretty good: $549,590 in commitments vs. $325,200 last year!

– Richard Karlin, Israel Bonds

“Your comprehensive presentation helped to clarify the full impact upon U.S. policies toward Israel and the Middle East produced by interest groups, business and governmental actors. Several of the lecture participants later shared their enthusiastic comments with me about your insightful analysis of the topic. Kudos, once again, on making a complicated subject intelligible and placed into proper context. I also with to thank you for taking the time to do a first class workshop with the staff and students of the UM Hillel about the best ways to organize and conduct activities on your campus. Your words of wisdom and experience on this critically important matter were very well presented. ”

— Dr. Haim Shaked, Professor and Director, Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies, University of Miami

“Thank you so much for joining out Contemporary Issues in Israeli Society class to teach about the potential impacts of the U.S. presidential race on Israel, as well as the foundations of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Your presentation provided an additional layer of depth to our class discussions and debates about the candidates, their views on Israel, and the relevance of even raising the discussion of ‘who is good for Israel’ when discussing the U.S. election. Each of the points you raised, whether statistics about how Jews traditionally vote or details about Obama's position historically on issues relevant to Israel and the Middle East, has been revisited and/or raised again by students in subsequent class conversations.”

— Aileen Goldstein, Jewish History Department, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

“I am very pleased to express our special appreciation on behalf of the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies, for a most informative lecture about your new book, 'Will Israel Survive?' Your in-depth, comprehensive presentation provided a sober assessment of the latest developments regarding Israel and the Middle East, while being grounded in reasonable cause for some hope and even optimism. Many of the participants in the program later shared their positive comments with me about your insightful and penetrating analysis of the topic. Bravo for a job well done. ”

— Dr. Haim Shaked, Professor and Director, Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies, University of Miami

“Dr. Bard addressed an interesting, and perhaps unique, situation in Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin. An organization based in Racine presented our communities with two speakers in several public forums who were vehemently pro-Palestinian, to a degree that some even considered their views anti-Semitic. Our Racine shul felt that an alternative viewpoint desperately needed to be offered.

In a series of lecture programs at two colleges and one Racine church, in addition to articles in the cities’ newspapers and interviews on two local radio stations, Dr. Bard eloquently delivered a factual and far less biased perspective on the Arab-Israel conflict in stark contrast to the previous speakers. Those attending the lectures were primarily Christian, represented many walks of life, and ranged in age from college students to the elderly. He showed a great deal of sensitivity to his varied audiences, and introduced material in a way that connected with all of us.

We at Beth Israel Sinai were amazed at how every event was very well received, and we are extremely grateful for the healing that is now able to begin in our hometowns.”

— Jane Brosseau, Sisterhood President, Beth Israel Sinai Congregation, Racine, WI

“Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed your talk at our major gifts dinner. Everyone present thought your speech was very informative. Your delivery and knowledge were exceptional.

— Gloria Max, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties

“We are delighted that you were able to join us for the inaugural Summit on the University and the Jewish Community in Washington, D.C. Your presentation in the session exploring the Role of Jewish Faculty was impressive, well-organized, and well received. Attendees came away with solid information that will enhance their efforts to strengthen Jewish life on every campus in North America.”

— Sandy Cahn, Michele Rosen and Morty Schapiro, Conference Co-Chairs, Hillel

“We thank you for speaking at the Israel Advocacy Conference for College Students in Orlando....Your remarks were both enlightening and educational and you certainly engaged the audience. We have had much positive feedback from those in attendance who thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from your presentation.”

— Judy Gilbert-Gould, Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Miami Jewish Federation

“I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your not only filling in at the last minute for Phyllis Chesler, but for the absolutely outstanding presentation. It was the perfect wrap-up for the Symposium, focusing on the campus and concrete proposals. I could not have planned it better.”

— Prof. Howard Wachtell, Director, Center for Israel Studies, American University

“You delivered a very impressive and comprehensive presentation on the subject [“Myths and Facts Surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”] and your comments were very relevant to the latest developments in the Middle East. I am sure that the participants in the program – adults and students alike – gained many useful insights into the issues that are often the topic of misunderstanding, manipulation and obfuscation.”

— Prof. Haim Shaked, Director, The Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies

“Thank you so much for your participation in this past week’s Caravan for Democracy High School program in Philadelphia. The students were completely engaged by your talk and you presented Israel advocacy in a way which many of them had never before experienced.”

– Michelle Beller, program coordinator

“Our students loved your presentations and learned a lot....the State Press had an anti-Israel column about the fence. I assembled a group of students to craft a response. They immediately grabbed your book, cited you on strategy, and spoke of what they had learned on Monday [in your talk]. Conversation has continued throughout the week, the best sign of the impact of a lecture on students. I enjoyed your company and watching your skill in addressing people academically and personally at the same time.”

— Rabbi Barton Lee, Executive Director, Arizona State Hillel

“As always, you wowed the crowd. Everyone was thrilled with your presentation and we had major gift increases that ranged from $1,000 to $3,000.”

— Mark Silverberg, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Northeast Pennsylvania

“A highlight of the day, your presentation offered astute analysis and insight into an ever complicated and difficult situation. I can confidently say that all those attending the conference learned a great deal from you, and am certain they will draw upon this in their own work.”

— Seymour Reich, Conference Chairman, W. James Schiller, President, Karen Rubinstein, Executive Director, American Zionist Movement

“Thank you for appearing last week as part of the Israel Issues and Advocacy Seminar for Washington Interns sponsored by the Orthodox Union, the Religious Action Center and the Israel on Campus Coalition. Your panel was extremely well-received and played an important role in our day-long seminar. Many students selected your seminar as their highest ranked session.”

— Wayne Firestone, Director ICC, Rabbi Marc Israel, Director Kesher, Josh Sussman, Associate Director, OU-IPA

“I wanted to thank you again for facilitating the Israel workshop for the MTI Teen Professional Network....The feedback from the youth professionals was very positive. They found the workshop both relevant and helpful, and felt that it helped them find ways to relate to Israel for both their teens and themselves.”

— Gayle Bloom, Associate Director, Meyerhoff Teen Initiative

“I do want you to know how much Impact Israel appreciates your contribution to our Atlanta program, ‘Knowledge IS*REAL Power.’ The response we received to your presentation was nothing but positive — many people saying that the information you shared was critical to their understanding of the task of advocating for the State of Israel.”

— Rabbi Adam Frank, Impact Israel

“Thank you so much for coming to Cherry Hill and serving as a presenter at our annual JCRC MidEast Institute. You added the kind of perspective that I felt was necessary for a well-rounded program.”

— Alan Respler, Executive Director, JCRC of Southern New Jersey

“We really valued your presence and speaking in Pittsburgh this past weekend...The feedback has been incredible, and everyone was energized and informed.”

— Ellen Primus, Regional Director, Bnai Zion, Pittsburgh Region

“Your campus visit was timely as we are in the midst of dealing with day-to-day anti-Israel rhetoric at DePaul University and many other campuses throughout the Chicago area. Your presentation was inspiring, informative and empowering. The question and answer session was extremely useful and helped to dispel many of the common ‘myths’ that are being said everyday in relation to the current crisis.”

— Ammi Field, Director Hillels Around Chicago Multi-Campus Center

“On behalf of the Baltimore Jewish Council, thank you for addressing the Board of Directors regarding current ‘Myths and Facts’ about the crisis in Israel. Not only were your remarks informative and insightful, they also served to educate board members as to exactly what Israel’s political options are during this critical period.”

— Art Abramson, Executive Director, Baltimore Jewish Council

“On behalf of the Asper Foundation, I am writing to thank you for your recent lectures in Winnipeg....I am still getting phone calls from people saying how much they appreciated the form and substance of your December 2 lecture....Thank you once again for your compelling and relevant message, and playing a pivotal role in setting the record straight on the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

— Jeffrey Morry, Senior Program Manager, The Asper Foundation

“I heard Dr. Bard along with the students, and I want you to know that his address was outstanding. There wasn’t a sound in the theater throughout his presentation, and the students were eager to pose questions to him. It was a first rate experience for our students and reinforced forcefully the centrality of Israel studies in the school.”

— Miriam Maltz, Director of Education, Gray Academy, Winnipeg (12/13/01 - in Morry letter)

“On behalf of the members of American Students for Israel, I want to express my sincerest thanks to you for speaking at our event. Having an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker present the pro-Israel point of view on campus meant a lot to us. We feel that the event made a crucial statement — we are not afraid to support Israel. Your talk was refreshing and inspiring to us, especially after the constant criticism of Israel (and supporters of Israel) that we hear in class. All too often, a student will be too intimidated to stand up to a professor’s bias. You reminded many people that justice is on Israel’s side. Everyone I have spoken with feels they are better informed about the situation after attending. Your talk was outstanding, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Your message was clear. You answered the tough questions with confidence and poise...Please continue to speak all over the country — the work you have done and continue to do is absolutely critical, especially for my generation.”

— Joey Tartakovsky, American Students for Israel, UC Santa Barbara

“We want to thank you for your support of and participation in Sunday’s Israel Teach-In. The teach-in was offered in response to our community’s request for information, education and resources for how to respond to the crisis in Israel and the Middle East. Your presentation on ‘Myths and Facts: What is Really Going On’ helped us to achieve that goal. This was our first experience implementing a communal educational program in this format. The feedback from participants leads us to conclude that it was a tremendous success! It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to hear you speak in our community; your intellect, wisdom, and perspective were invaluable to the program.”

— Sydney Perry, Director of the Dept. Of Jewish Education, Laura Campbell, Project Coordinator, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven

“The topic of the current Arab-Israeli conflict and your proposed solution was timely and of great educational value for our students....Your visit was really good and the question and answer time with the students, which lasted longer than your actual presentation, was really special, and resulted in well-informed and lively discussion.”

— Rita Shloush, Head of School, Yeshivat Rambam

“On behalf of the pro-Israel student activists and the University of Michigan Hillel, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your valuable contribution to our conference....The conference attempted to inform the campus community about Israeli society, Israeli culture, and Israeli history. Your participation in the conference made these goals a reality....”

— David Livshiz, Co-Chairman, American Movement for Israel-Hamagshimim,

“On behalf of the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Department, thank you for playing an integral part in the Young Leadership Professionals Institute. The information you provided the professionals was insightful, relative and substantive. The feedback received from the participants has been wonderful.”

— Julie Wolpov, Associate Director, UJC National Young Leadership Development

“I think you gave people great information with passion and role modeled for them the quintessential advocate for Israel.”

— Shula Bahat, American Jewish Committee

“Thank you so much for your participation in our Schusterman Advocacy Institute Saban National Political Leadership Training Seminar. Your insight and compelling presentation really helped us better understand the challenges facing Israel today, as well as those problems facing us as campus supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship. We very much appreciated your energy, enthusiasm and expertise....On behalf of the AIPAC intern class of 2002, thank you for your time and commitment to AIPAC’s student program. You are a tremendous asset to the cause and we appreciate all that you do!”

— Gabrielle Sirner, AIPAC

“On behalf of Hillel at Colorado State University, I would like to thank you for your informative and moving presentation on the Arab-Israeli conflict....As you may know, there is a fairly high level of indifference on CSU’s campus concerning the current situation in the Middle East. It was very encouraging to first of all be able to have you come to CSU, and then, to see the high number of people who attended your presentation....We believe that your presentation made a recognizable impact in our quest to reach and educate our peers concerning the Middle East.”

— Rachel Raizen, Chair Israel Advocacy Committee, Hillel at Colorado State University

“I came back from JCPA meetings to find that I missed the “event of the year.” Everyone who was present at the Israel Speaker’s Bureau session has nothing but praise and appreciation for your presentation and assistance.”

— Marlene Gorin, Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Dallas

“Thank you very much for speaking for the Caravan of Democracy’s University of Pittsburgh event. Your presentation was inspiring to the audience. At a time when Israel faces an uphill battle for public opinion, and pro-Israel students — Jewish and non-Jewish — and American university campuses feel besieged, you offered encouragement and guidance for countering the relentless anti-Israel, pro-terror campaign being waged. We have received wonderful feedback from the students on their time with you and the important point which you articulated in your speech.”

— Sharon Tzur, Caravan for Democracy

“You tackled a topic that evoke strong, passionate emotions with a clear and unique perspective. Even those of us who profess to keep up with the constantly changing situation in the Middle East learned more about how our future is tied with understanding the past. All of this with a touch of humor and finesse; what more could we ask for? I had many people come up to me after the board meeting to tell me how much they enjoyed hearing your speech.”

— Ronald Rothstein, President and Chief Operating Officer, Levindale