Questions for The Palestinians and their Supporters

Why does the PA deny freedom of speech, press, and assembly, and discriminate against women?

If Arafat is acting to stop terror, why hasn’t he put the leader of Hamas in jail?

Why are there still refugee camps in the Palestinian Authority after the international community has showered more than $4 billion in aid on the PA?

Why does Yasser Arafat’s wife and son live in Paris?

How many women are in positions of authority in the PA?

How did the speaker of the PA legislature come to live in a $1.5 million villa in Jericho?

If settlements are an obstacle to peace, why did Arafat reject Barak’s offer to dismantle most of them?

If the Palestinians are willing to live in peace with Israel, why do all their maps show Palestine replacing Israel?

Why do the new and improved PA textbooks continue to demonize Jews, leave Israel off their maps, and deny the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel?

If Palestinians are so devoted to their homeland, why are 1,000 a day leaving?

If you believe Ariel Sharon is the problem, why don’t the Palestinians end the violence and test him at the bargaining table?

Why don’t Palestinian mothers protest the use of their children as bombs instead of glorify their role as murderers?

If Palestinians are against terror, why do thousands march to celebrate the murder of Israeli civilians and carry pictures of Osama bin Laden?

When will we see a Palestinian Peace Now movement?

Why haven’t the Palestinians fulfilled their treaty commitments to end violence, confiscate weapons, and arrest terrorists?

Why are Palestinian Christians fleeing the PA?

How many boatloads of illegal arms have gotten past the IDF?

What has Arafat’s leadership done for the Palestinians besides bring them greater poverty, less international support, less control over their affairs, and an unnecessary delay in gaining their independence?

When will the Palestinians stop trying to avoid President Bush’s demands for a change in leadership and reform of the PA?

When will Palestinian spokespersons admit they lied about Jenin? When will they stop lying to the press?

Has a single refugee been moved out of a Palestinian-run camp and into permanent housing?

If Palestinians hate “occupation,” why don’t they do the two things that will end it — stop the violence and negotiate?

Why do innocent civilians allow terrorists to live among them?

When will Palestinian children be taught to glorify doctors, lawyers, philosophers, scientists, artists, and statesmen instead of terrorist murderers?

If Palestinians are passionate about independence, why didn’t they ever demand an end to the Jordanian occupation from 1948 to 1967 and the creation of a Palestinian state?

Why do the Palestinians support Saddam Hussein and celebrate September 11?

When will the Palestinians agree to live in peace in a state beside Israel rather than try to create a state in place of Israel?